One off Health Check

Your one off health check covers your digestion, sleep, mindset, exercise, hydration and food choices.

It involves the completion of:

  • A general background questionnaire
  • A 3-4 day food and mood diary
  • An extensive multiple choice nutrition/health based assessment questionnaire (optional)

My analysis of this information determines how I can help your body back to health. We will agree on a way forward that suits you and your body. I will follow up by email providing you with your agreed priorities and other recommendations, resources and recipes applicable to your health journey.

If your car lacked power, or wasn’t running smoothly, you would investigate the cause. However, most of us put up with our body’s lack of energy, or other niggles, making any number of excuses… We book our car in for a regular service to prevent such problems or major breakdowns, but never think to do the same for ourselves! Would you be inconvenienced by not having your car, or you suffering an illness?

As Joyce Sunada says ‘If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness’.

I believe in the power of your wonderful mindset and body to heal itself, one cell at a time, by fuelling your cells with nutrient dense, real foods that feel right for YOUR body
If you would like more information, or are unsure if one off health check is the best way forward for you, please contact me to book a free 20 min phone consultation. I’d love to help you. I passionately care about helping people reach their health goals.