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I’m currently the only practising Functional Nutritional Therapy PractitionerTM (FNTP) in Southern Tasmania. In addition to the holistic NTP qualification I also have a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics.
I evaluate the systems in your body, not just what you put in your mouth. You can eat the very best foods, but if you can’t digest them they are a waste of time and money and will not result in the health you’d expect.

I love to meet new people and listen to their health journeys. I believe in assisting people to take control of their own health at a pace that suits them. My Scottish accent (despite being in Tasmania for over 25 years), along with my friendly, positive and nurturing nature helps to put my clients at ease …

I love food and battled with my weight for many years. Having previously studied Nutrition and Dietetics, I became disillusioned by the strict guidelines and “one diet for all” mentality that did not help me maintain my health or weight easily. Sadly, despite my passion, I could not really see how I could help others. I took on various roles in the food processing industry for 15 years and then a part-time health and safety role while I raised my son. After a close family member died of cancer at 49, I decided to re-evaluate EVERYTHING.

After much searching I finally found a Nutrition course that ticked my lifestyle boxes. This was the start of a life changing year studying to be a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I followed my dream, as finally I had found a simple lifestyle to maintain my weight and reverse menopause symptoms and autoimmune risk factors. My health, energy and mood improved markedly as a side effect. I wanted to assist others to achieve the same outcomes before they progressed to a disease ‘diagnosis’, especially when they felt confused and frustrated about what to eat to support healing.

I learned so much more than I thought possible, including the evidence based science behind why it is so much more than calories, or what you eat, that determines your health and weight. Current guidelines and processed sugar-laden, low fat foods are not the answer. We are all bio-individual and what we need to eat for optimum health varies for everyone. I now understand that if you eat for your health, your weight will naturally stabilise. I have total empathy with those of you who struggle to shed weight. No matter how much you exercise or how little you eat you are very unlikely to sustain a healthy weight. I learned the theory to explain how you can change this, just as I have done. I believe in focusing on whole, unprocessed foods that suit YOUR individual body and tastes.

I am so excited to be living my dream, and look forward to working with you on your unique health journey.

Jill Cooper Health & Nutrition

It’s your choice. Choose your own health.

It’s your choice.
Choose your own health.