I am an InterClinical Certified Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner Hair (aka chemistry nerd!) My HTMA package provides you with a very clear picture as to where your health is currently.  It takes the guesswork out of supplementation and allows you to understand ‘why’ your health is where it is today.

Have you had blood tests and everything is normal, but you lack energy, suffer insomnia or you feel your health could be improved?  This is common because our body does everything possible to keep our blood within the ‘normal’ range.  To achieve this our bodies may pull minerals from, or store excess minerals in, our tissues, and this is what is measured by HTMA.   Our hair can be used like an early warning system, to show body system stresses prior to illness or abnormal blood results.   The results allow us to put together a personalised plan, including a targeted supplementation regime, to support your body’s optimum health.  Note however, that supplementation alone is not a quick fix, you cannot supplement your way out of a poor diet!

I have attached (or can these be linked?):

The paperwork required for our first get together would include a:

  1. Initial Interview Questionnaire
  2. Food and Mood Journal for 4 days

An initial HTMA package includes:

  • HTMA testing
  • A deep dive into your current health status
  • 2 consultations, an initial consult and one to discuss your HTMA results with a follow-up plan and resources to suit you.
  • Follow-up as required between consultations to keep you on track

Plans, resources (excluding supplements), and support between consultations are included.

Note: HTMA testing takes about 3 weeks from sending off your hair sample to having a consultation.

As with all my packages, I will work at your pace and respect your bio-individuality so there is no pressure, this is your body’s journey and it needs to feel right for you!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I believe in the power of your wonderful mindset and body to heal itself, one cell at a time, by fuelling your cells with nutrient dense, real foods that feel right for YOUR body

If you would like more information, or are unsure if one off health check is the best way forward for you, please contact me to book a free 20 min phone consultation. I’d love to help you. I passionately care about helping people reach their health goals.