Inten was proud to sponsor Matthew Lloyd on his two months in Bandah Aceh working on Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets Orphanage Project.

Matt loaded up the rest of the group on their flight into Bandah Aceh with urgently needed hand and power tools, flood lights and plumbing supplies that Inten had provided for the construction of the orphanage.

Matt was the plumber on the job and ended up sourcing materials and directing a mixed workforce of locals and volunteers and still found time to teach English at the local high school.


Matt is pictured in front of the 500 tonne PLTD Apung 1 ferry which was swept two kilometres inland to Uleh-leh north west of Bandah Aceh by the force of the tsunami. The crew was unharmed and the ferry now occupies a whole city block. Its generator is used to power the neighbourhood and there are plans to turn it into a memorial to the tsunami.