My 5-week program, ‘RESTART your health’ (AKA Sugar Detox) is a series of friendly, fully supported classes for individuals or a small group of participants (up to 10, but usually 4 or 5). There is no starving yourself – you eat until you are full! Last year’s isolation and uncertainty has negatively affected eating habits for many people. So if you are feeling like you’ve taken a downward turn, you are not alone.

Discover why, when you eat sugar, your body finds it virtually impossible to reduce inflammation and release weight to keep it off long-term. This mechanism has nothing to do with willpower! Sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and it is everywhere to tempt you – making it incredibly difficult to eat less or no sugar. That’s why this program includes a 3-week assisted Sugar Detox.

If you would like support to RESTART your health by saying goodbye to sugar, and learning if you are gluten intolerant or about any other food intolerance, then I have your answer.

The program includes:

  • Preparation and mindset that sets you up to succeed
  • Information to understand how to improve your digestion ‘From Chew to Poo’
  • What sugar and stress do to your body
  • The truth about good and bad fats
  • Determine your food intolerances and/or sensitivities
  • How to eat real food to meet your long-term health goals

I believe in the power of your incredible body to heal itself, one cell at a time, by fuelling your cells with nutrient-dense foods that feel right for YOUR body. This program can be used to pinpoint what is really good for you as an individual.

I offer a free, no-obligation 20 minute phone consultation by appointment which can help if you are unsure whether this program is right for your health journey, or have other questions.

Are you thinking of someone else who might be interested? Please feel free to share this information.

Thank you again for making a commitment to your health, and I look forward to getting RESTART-ed with you!