My point of difference to other Nutrition Professionals in Southern Tasmania is the Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA). The FCA allows me to identify your organ systems that are under stress right now and prioritise support accordingly.

Every organ is surrounded by a neuro-vascular (blood vessels) or neuro-lymphatic (lymph vessels) network. When an organ system becomes stressed, blood and/or lymph is shunted to these networks causing inflammation, in an effort to draw the necessary nutrients to support the organ. Inflammation is a collection of fluid that takes up space at the organ system and registers as tenderness in the body. The FCA is completed by palpating a series of points, identified to correlate to specific organs or systems in the body.

The client is given a simple scale to rate their fluid tenderness. Each client’s baseline is unique to their body. The tenderness ratings allows me to connect directly with your innate response to nutritional deficiencies. These functional testing points were discovered and categorised by Osteopaths and Chiropractors1.

The FCA then allows me to use lingual-neuro testing (LNT) as a valuable biofeedback tool, accessing the body’s innate ability to know what is and isn’t good for it, in order to correct a specific problem, for example, a weak organ or a nutritional deficiency. This simple and effective technique makes the difference between a generic nutritional plan and a highly personalised one. Over time I can test foods and supplements against your body to enable you to feel if they are right for you.

Using the FCA and LNT techniques offers profound results in health and wellness.
Initially I go on a fact-finding mission with the client by:

  1. Conducting an interview and completing a form with general questions.
  2. The client undertaking an on-line Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. It takes around 30 mins to complete.
  3. The client writing a food diary for 4 days.
  4. The client and I signing a client disclaimer form.

In the first session this information will be referred to as well as further in-depth questions about your history in order to ascertain the root of your health issues, not just your symptoms. I will then make dietary, mindset and/or lifestyle recommendations in conjunction with you and your goals.

The FCA/LNT is performed once these recommendations have been implemented. I work at your pace and respect your bio-individuality so there is no pressure, this is your body’s healing journey.

If you are not comfortable with the FCA part of the process, I can work with the information I have collected from the forms and conduct an initial interview to suggest recommendations.
I will help you to understand the reasons for my recommendations, and why you might choose to make them and be more committed to the process.

Working with me is usually ongoing, depending on your individual needs, with visits anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks apart, depending on where you are in your health journey.

My aim is to work myself out of a job and get you self-sufficient within a minimum timeframe.
If you would like to know more, please contact me to book a 20 minute free phone consultation. I’d love to help you because I passionately care about applying nutritional wisdom, and the right mindset, to empower people to reach their health goals.

1. Examples: Dr Frank Chapman DO, Dr Terence Bennett DC and Dr Robert Ridler DC.